Discouraged, but not defeated!

Hello friends,

How are you?  How is life treating you?  I appreciate you and your visiting me again on this humble blog website.  I hope my words, thoughts and actions give you some comfort, guidance, and a sense that you are not alone.  We are all in this journey called life together.  We are all part of the human race.  We all bleed red.  Individually and together, we can strive to be the best we can be in all aspects, and, from there, we can make sincere efforts to make this imperfect world a better place to live in.

I know I sound like an optimistic idealist, however, I would describe myself as an optimistic realist and pragmatist.  I know very well that reality can be full of disappointments, discouragements and disasters.  Life can present many forms of sadness, sickness and senselessness.  With that in mind, I find it helpful to not lose all hope and faith.  No matter how gloomy the future looks, with some perseverance and a longsuffering, intrepid spirit, we shall overcome.  No matter how dark the clouds are, the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.

I have not been sheltered from a cornucopia of abuses, adversities and afflictions.  I have not been immune to a plethora of failures, fears and frictions.  Amid the sorrows, storms and sufferings, I have become deeply discouraged, yet I did not go down the path of definite defeat.  My hope in humanity and faith in people and Providence have waned, yet I took steps forward on the road to healing and wholeness.  Being broken does not scare me.  In fact, my brokenness has given me many serendipitous opportunities to heal, feel and be real.  The shattered pieces in our lives can become an awesome mosaic that depicts a beautiful portrait that can provide awe and inspiration to others.

The copious hurts and hindrances in my life have tempted me to become a bitter person with a heart of stone–totally jaded by people and hardened by life.  Such existence is not true living and is not the abundant life that many search for, one that I desperately long for.  I want to soar.  I desire a life of excellence, not an existence of mediocrity.  Ergo, I decided to become:

  • Better instead of Bitter,
  • Helpful instead of Hurtful,
  • Compassionate instead of Callous,
  • Sacrificial instead of Superficial,
  • Altruistic instead of Avaricious,
  • Loving instead of Loathsome.

I have come to realize that the adversities and anxieties, misfortunes and mishaps, fears and frictions in my life were replete with lessons for me to learn.  They provided much wisdom.  They tested my character.  They challenged my integrity.  They tested my selflessness.  They purified me and edified me.  They served a purpose or purposes that shaped me to be individual that I am today.  The emotional scars remind me that I am broken.  The wounds tell me I have come a long way, and I am still under construction, a work in progress.

None of us is perfect; I am far from it.  Yet, with all my faults, foibles and failures, I am decisively focused and proactively intent on bringing laughter, life and love to others.  It only takes a spark to start a fire, and I pray that I can be used as a messenger and an instrument to inspire the discouraged, edify the distraught, care for the unloved, comfort the rejected, feed the hungry, and quench the deep thirst of many souls.  I strongly believe that when we seek to help others, we heal ourselves—I am a testament of this truth!

All my best to you and yours,


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