Truth…A Healthy Ingredient

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting me again.  How are you doing?  I always wish the best for you as the days, weeks, months and years pass by so quickly.  Can you believe we are already in May?  Yesterday, I was wondering when the ads for the Christmas holiday season will come out.  Well, let’s enjoy spring, summer and autumn first.

I hope my sharing and caring via these blogs encourage you in some small way.  It is totally not about me…it is about you and how I can respectfully and caringly offer some help or guidance so you can live life to the fullest!  My purpose, priority and prayer are to encourage, inspire and motivate.

My health adventure has been invigorating.  It has been gratifying and humbling to be healthy and fit.  Over the years, I have learned so many things that have led me to realize that the way I was eating did not help me live an optimal, fulfilling life.   As a matter of fact, my eating habits and lifestyle were causing me many health concerns.  Furthermore, they were diminishing the quality of my life, as well as the length of my life.

I love learning.  One thing I have encouraged everyone I know is to develop a passion for learning.  It has been said that ignorance is bliss, and that may be true in some circumstances.  However, when it involves our health, fitness and beauty (inner and outer), let’s choose not to be ignorant.  I prefer to be informed and well-researched when it comes to feeling, being and living healthfully.

Once I started to educate myself on the correlation between what I ate and my overall health, I was liberated to make choices and changes that optimized my wellbeing.  The truth shall set you free!  From my experience, learning about what was in the foods I consumed and how those ingredients affected my body, mind and spirit has set me free indeed!  Free to embrace good health.  Free to feel good.  Free to enjoy being fit.  Free to look good.  Free to engender inner and outer beauty.  At this stage in my life, I am in the best health and wellbeing I have ever been (humbly said)!  It feels strange that I am healthier and fitter now than I was when I was in my twenties.

Our body is the only one we have in this life.  All of us want to be treated with respect.  We all like individuals who are respectful to us.  People who cherish and embody respect are refreshing.  They build bridges between different groups and promote relational health.  A key point in living life to the fullest is also learning to treat ourselves with respect.  This includes being mindful of our complete wellness and showing respect to our body (corporal, physical, physiological), our mind (mental, psychological, intellectual) and our spirit (emotional, morally, sense of self).  Not taking care of all three aspects, the totality of who we are, would be incomplete.

Hence, wouldn’t it be wise for us to know what we are putting in our body, feeding it, filling it up with?  Would we ever think of putting less than clean gas or oil into the car we drive?  Would we take a nice, relaxing bath in a tub full of water that is less than clean?  And how about our precious pets, such great members of our family…would we feed them anything unhealthful and unclean?  I think you know the point I am trying to make.

Our body deserves to be fed with beneficial, nutritious foods.  Many things we eat can make us sick, and many of those sicknesses can develop slowly, over a period of months or years.  I know this from my own experiences.  For years, I drank about two to three 2-liter bottles of soda per day and ate junk foods full of sodium, trans fat, refined sugar and simple carbs, and with very little or no fiber.  Donuts, pies, cakes, fried chicken, burgers, fries were some of my favorites.  Fruits, vegetables, water, tea, grains were rarely, if ever, found in my refrigerator.

During those years, I lacked the knowledge that my eating habits literally made me ill.  I had frequent headaches.  I was lethargic and pessimistic often.  I had bad skin and hair.  I did not sleep well.  I suffered from depression.  These were just a few of my health issues.  In short, food has many effects on us…good food strengthens and enhances our health; bad food weakens and diminishes our health.

Knowledge is power.  Knowing what we eat can empower us to make choices and changes to boost our total wellbeing.  One of the most important and helpful lessons I learned during my health journey is that certain foods can provide medicinal benefits.  (Of course, some foods can be like bad drugs, totally addictive and deleterious for us).  In combating obesity and many other health issues, nutrition is my ammunition.  What we eat can promote and produce healing.  Food plays a crucial role in mitigating and/or curing many of our sufferings, physical and otherwise.  In addition to physical health, food can affect our moods, emotional wellbeing, psychological wellness and mental health.

It is never too late to start treating our body with respect by feeding it with nourishing foods.  It is never foolish to start making changes and choices to improve our health.  I hope you embark with Chiquita and me on a health journey that help you experience and enjoy a life with more meaning, joy, peace and contentment.

When it comes to eating, please do your homework.  With Chiquita (Chloe), I encouraged her to learn as much as she can about food, nutrition, exercise and an active lifestyle.  Research about the ingredients that are in the foods we eat and drink.  Find out how the things we eat and drink can either improve or deteriorate our health.  Discover the truths about how food is medicine and how organic foods can help us with many health concerns.  Learn about and avoid all the ingredients added to certain foods in order to enhance their taste or appearance, including MSG, sodium, refined sugar, bad oils, simple carbs, preservatives, growth hormones, artificial colors and dyes, etc.  Do research on healthful alternatives to unhealthful foods.  Gather information about foods that are genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Learn about portion size, eating often (grazing throughout the day), staying active and exercising, having edifying relationships, and other ways to optimize health, fitness and beauty.

Let’s let knowledge empower us and the truth free us to live an optimal life!  I am cheering you on!

All the best to you!


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